Application Support SLA Metrics: Monitoring Maintenance and Support Contracts

Simply relying on Service-Level-Agreements (SLA) alone to monitor outsourcing activity does not provide the insight companies need to maintain confidence in the output they receive from their vendors. In environments where application services providers are relied upon to support critical systems, having dependable application support SLA metrics are essential. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by incorporating an automated process that is capable of analyzing vendor deliverables prior to system upgrades.

In many cases, outsourced services are necessary to accomplish specific business goals; however, this does not mean an organization has to be left out of the loop or to deal with the aftermath of poor performance. Automated application support SLA metrics help organizations determine how much effort was required to complete the project, and what quality was delivered. Additionally, automated analysis allows organizations to detect flaws, defects, or vulnerabilities within the code that could potentially wreak havoc on upon implementation.

Create Vendor Accountability with Application Support SLA Metrics


As your organization strives to quickly meet IT objectives, it is easy to hand off a project to an outside service and move on to the next goal. Monitoring is required to ensure the provider:

  • Meets Business or End User Needs
  • Delivers the Appropriate Quality
  • Does Not Charge for Unnecessary Work
  • Conforms to Defined Architecture Standards
  • Does Not Deliver Defective Code
  • Maintains Best Practices for Application Security

If these items are not consistently evaluated with application support SLA metrics, then an organization will experience increased costs and dedicate more internal developer effort to defect-related maintenance. Strict IT budgets, critical time tables, and continuous requirement changes make it important to know what your organization is getting from third party services.

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an enterprise application support SLA analysis solution your organization can use to assess these factors regardless of the languages or technologies used to provide the end product. By using proven analysis methods, AIP delivers information for determining what work the provider completed, its quality, and identifies vulnerabilities often hidden in the deliverables. As a result, your organization will be better able to manage the application providers responsible for maintaining or supporting your critical systems.

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