Application Portfolio Management Solutions

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Application portfolio management solutions are becoming increasingly more important as companies struggle to maintain older infrastructure and legacy software.

Although there will always be some degree of oversight needed, even with newer architecture and apps, established companies are presently fighting an uphill battle to stay online and keep operations running smoothly, while complex and outdated apps and systems are actively crumbling. No doubt, in a perfect world, in which budgets were unlimited, IT departments would gladly choose to upgrade everything as quickly as possible, but the reality is that there are budgets to work with and business can’t be seriously disrupted in order to overhaul technology. For this reason, there are many different types of application portfolio management solutions that can be used to improve how an organization’s data is managed without blowing a budget or slowing the flow of income.

Application Portfolio Management Solutions: A Brief Overview

Software: Specialized application portfolio management software is often used to assess the health of various apps to uncover which ones are best to replace, which are in need of repair, and which can continue functioning as-is for some time. This software essentially serves as new “bones” for various apps by tying their oversight into one easy-to-use panel, whereas each app may have previously had its own monitoring capabilities or none at all.


Modernization: After analyzing which apps are expected to become problematic, IT professionals can then take a proactive approach and modernize individual apps or components thereof.

Migration: Changing the programming language to improve capabilities or to move apps from outdated infrastructure to modern servers. This may be a cloud data migration or a migration to either on-site or off-site storage.

Reengineering: In order to make changes to existing apps, developers can spend time getting to know how all the internal coding works, and then make changes or rebuild parts to make them function efficiently again or to extend their lifespan.

Rehosting: Many platforms and software programs lock data in or lock their codes, so they cannot be edited and customized by an outside IT team. By “rehosting” the software, the developers unlock it and can make the changes necessary to expand its lifespan. In cases where software or apps are no longer supported by their creator, rehosting can be invaluable.

Packaging Implementation: In many cases, an off-the-shelf option offers exactly what an IT department needs in order to replace a problematic app. This is referred to as packaging implementation.

What Application Portfolio Management Solutions Can Achieve

Roadmap Creation: At their core, application portfolio management solutions are geared toward roadmap creation. This means that they can help a business determine what changes need to be made, what order to do them in, and what the costs will be, all based around the business’ goals.

Decreased Complexity: Oftentimes, multiple apps are being used to complete the same or similar processes. Redundant processes can be identified and slated for removal. At the same time, having a single panel of information to manage all apps drastically decreases the complexity of overseeing them.

Better Resource Allocation: Armed with information, IT departments can focus on what matters most, using a proactive approach.

Agility/ Efficiency: Streamlined processes and being able to distribute resources as needed means that the IT team is ready to pounce when it needs to.

Reduced Costs: Combined, these things add up to savings for the organization overall.

Business Alignment/ Innovation: With better resource allocation and a strategic roadmap, IT departments can better align their goals with the mission of the company. Moreover, the increased agility and efficiency enable the team to come up with innovative ideas that will drive the profitability of the company and/or serve its customers better.

Choosing the Best Application Portfolio Management Solutions

Each company will have unique needs, so no single set of application portfolio management solutions will work across the board for every organization. For this reason, it’s best for IT professionals and CIOs to work with an established service provider that understands the nature of the business, its goals, its current capabilities, and has familiarity with all potential options for oversight.

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