Application Portfolio Analysis

If you have found that your systems are slowing or breaking, you may also find that your interaction with customers is failing. As systems, websites, and application portfolios age with a business, any degradation has a direction impact on not only customer satisfaction, but on revenue, brand image, and sustainability. CIOs and IT leaders need to understand how their application portfolios are working and how they are impacting performance. An organization absolutely must utilize the best systems when working, and that includes the best solutions for application portfolio analysis.

Over time, processes that are slow or systems that misfire can result in a reputation problem that can impede success. While many issues can still exist outside of your application portfolio, for CIOs, this is one of the areas to impress – or fail.

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CAST Highlight’s application portfolio analysis solution will help to find existing problems and then forecast any problems that could pop up into the future, including cloud readiness, complexity and cost of your application portfolio. A dependable method of analysis, our software can locate the root cause of problems and then monitor the effort to fix them.

Many IT departments have already invested into dynamic testing tools that will verify and validate app performance before business release, continued testing is so important on a structural quality level. Our solution does that, allowing teams to have the ability to detect, diagnose, and analyze performance and scalability issues more effectively.

Application Portfolio Analysis Improves Security

One of the biggest problems facing IT departments today is application portfolio security. Your company needs to do quite a bit to prove that they are doing what they can to keep consumer information private. CAST Highlight’s application portfolio analysis solution can help you to improve application security – something that must be one of your primary goals. Every day, there are threats and risks that you need to take into account in order to keep your consumers safe. Many companies will dedicate less than a fraction of their security budget into application security – but that is where a great deal of the threats are in today’s world.


Staying on top of application security isn’t just something that is “nice” it is something that is essential. Every day, there are thousands and thousands of new threats that will pop up, and you have to be ready to confront them. With our solution, you won’t have to worry as much.

Your existing infrastructure and team may not be able to improve upon your application security because they don’t know where the security hazards are. Instead, they look in the same places and end up not really improving anything.

How Does CAST Highlight’s Application Portfolio Analysis Help?

Application portfolio analysis helps with codes that are complex and may not have used the best (or latest) architectural practices, allowing vulnerabilities to go undetected. These vulnerabilities allow for intrusions and breakdowns in reliability. With CAST Highlight’s solution, you will get dependable, accurate analysis measurements that can help you to find the root of your problems and improve application performance at the same time.

When it comes to application portfolio analysis, CAST Highlight’s pioneering solution is not available with any other code quality product. You will be able to gain a deep understanding of your system’s resilience and efficiency in a way that you cannot get anywhere else.

Application Portfolio Analysis from CAST Highlight

CAST Highlight provides the solution for application portfolio analysis – an objective, unbiased view of the application portfolio. It focuses on application risks, the effort required to maintain and upgrade the application and the technical complexity of the portfolio.

With CAST Highlight’s solution, you will be able to:

Baseline Your Portfolio: Get a fact-based assessment of your critical applications in just a few days.

Segment to Prioritize: Identify applications that are good candidates for changes: merges, retirements, modernizations.

Set Objectives: Understand what you need to do to get to the next level – and build a plan to get there.

Continuous Monitoring: Maintaining connection to your key metrics to track health and improvement continuously.

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