Application Benchmarking Software: The Basis for Improvement

How does your organization monitor development activity as programs are continuously created or changed? Is delivered quality decreasing due to time constraints or failure to address insufficient code? Do these problems increase required programming effort and software debt for your organization? Application benchmarking software is beneficial for assessing application size, complexity, and quality to gain a base measurement of a complex system.

Why Is Application Benchmarking Important?


It is easy for developers to eliminate unit tests, reuse functions, or go against coding standards when time is limited and their organization wanted the new program or enhancement done last week. As developers strive to meet business needs, they create vulnerabilities or shell out poor quality in an effort to deliver a completed project faster. The result is missed defects, insufficient code, the creation of vulnerabilities, and more required effort after deployment or release. One missed vulnerability or defect is capable of:

  • Causing Compliance Failure
  • Increasing System Downtime
  • Reducing Infrastructure Security
  • Increasing Maintenance Time and Costs
  • Breaking Other Infrastructure Components
  • Decreasing Developer Productivity
  • Heightening IT Expenses

An Automated Solution Must Meet Your Precise Needs

In order for application benchmarking software to benefit an organization, it must be consistent, repeatable, precise, and based on a comprehensive view of the application. As IT environments grow, the codebases of which they are composed become increasingly complex. The typical enterprise-level IT environment now consists of multiple tiers, languages, and technologies. Automated solutions must be capable of assessing source code based on architectural standards within these environments accurately to detect vulnerabilities or defects.

CAST Application Intelligence Platform or AIP is designed to assess source code for several languages across enterprise-level, complex infrastructures. AIP is an application benchmarking software that your organization can use to improve development practices, software quality, or mitigate risk for even the most complex environments.

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