App Troubleshooting: What Defects Are Your Developers Missing?

Are your applications slow or acting unpredictably? Do you know if undetected code flaws are a security risk or creating excessive maintenance for your developers?


App troubleshooting is important to every organization and the right methods will drastically decrease the amount of effort this process requires.

As applications are deployed in complex, multi-tier infrastructures, it becomes easier for vulnerabilities within source code to slip through to production. When a problem does occur, it takes vast amounts of effort to locate and make the required repairs. The result is more time being dedicated to maintenance and less spent on new projects.

How can developers eliminate flaws, address vulnerabilities, and resolve problems faster as programs are created or enhanced?

Analyze Source Code and Architecture to Troubleshoot Applications Better

Defects residing between layers do not surface until months or years after deployment. They are not easy to detect during production testing and create large problems when they remain unnoticed. If the vulnerability is security related, a costly data breach or compliance failure could result. Source code and architectural analysis is the assessment of non-compiled programs to locate defects early in the development life cycle and correct problems before they creep into production environments.

To perform this process manually, a company would have to dedicate several developers to assess each line within a program. The purpose is to identify issues, make the necessary repairs, and assess size or complexity. Code analysis is also beneficial for identifying security vulnerabilities; however, knowledge regarding common problems is required to locate these items directly within the source code. Automated solutions accurately perform the same process for app troubleshooting in a timelier, cost-effective manner.

Applying Automated Analysis in App Troubleshooting

Programs with known problems could be a direct result of poor quality or coding defects. Automated analysis of raw source code decreases the time it takes to identify errors within a program and decreases the effort required for app troubleshooting by providing developers with the exact code or function causing the problem. CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is an enterprise-grade code analysis solution for assessing programs at any point in the development process. It allows organizations to size an application or enhancement based on a function point count and provides a benchmarking score for continuous improvement in these areas:

  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Costs
  • Complexity

CAST's application troubleshooting service is able to detect vulnerabilities between application layers to reduce risk and boost application performance. Additionally, it is an applicable solution for assessing multiple languages in complex environments to provide the information developers need to make fast repairs.

To learn more about how CAST can aid your development team in app troubleshooting, click here.

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