Agile Tracking Tools

Agile tracking tools are imperative for companies, businesses, teams, and even freelancers who are switching over to agile from more traditional methods. This surge has created competition amongst developers of agile tracking tools - and confusion amongst those who need to utilize it. Agile tracking takes on three of the biggest problems that those using agile have:

  • Communication;

  • Metrics and Reporting;

  • Job Assessment


With what feels like so many moving parts, these three key areas become difficult. Agile tracking gives teams a way to approach these three problems. Tracking improves communication by releasing progress reports of sorts that explain where the team is, where they came from, and where they need to go. On a daily basis, an agile tracking tool will allow your team to communicate via notes, uploads, timelines, and livestreams. Without even speaking, teams are able to see what is coming down the pipeline. As the work comes to a conclusion, assessments can show teams where they struggled and where changes can come from during the next project.

Those same progress reports can then go to stakeholders so that they can understand where the time and effort of your team goes.

Agile Tracking Tool Features

An agile tracking tool can have many different features, depending on the tool. Some will be straightforward and no-frills, easy to use and implement but without customization. Others will be more advanced and require a bit of time and effort to learn how to use them. Which tools work best for your projects will be based on your team, the size of the team, the project, and even what you are willing to pay for the tool.

Figure out what is important in your agile tracking tool - do you want something that will send out automatic updates so that you will see whenever major events happen, or do you want something that you have to physically pull up to see it? You can adjust it so that other team members see it as well, allowing this to take the place of long, intensive meetings. Instead, everyone can come with the knowledge presented on the tool, so the only thing left is to discuss it.

The most popular agile tracking tool is always a tool that is easy to customize so that you don’t have to look at information that isn’t pertinent to your project. You can make your tracking tool as simple or as complicated as you want - and you can always change it back.

Spring reports, burndown charts, activity feeds, and other timelines also offer agile tracking that can be helpful.

Agile Tracking Tool for Small Businesses

An agile tracking tool for a small business needs to be different than some other tools. You want to focus in on budgeting, task control, and communication without some of the nonsense that comes from stakeholders or certain metrics. With a small team, you can keep track of some of this information by yourself.

However, remote workers, freelance workers, and workers in different time zones need support, and agile tracking tools can give it to them. Look for a tracking tool that offers apps, individualized controls, and customer service.

Agile Tracking Tool for Companies and Corporations

For larger teams, the agile tracking tool that you choose needs to be able to handle the size and scope of your project. Some are simply too small to really give you what you need. If you have multiple projects going at the same time, this becomes even more crucial. You have to scale your agile tracking tool to the size of the project, not the other way around.

Agile Tracking Tool Support and Management

Quality agile tracking tools enable you to monitor your projects no matter how involved in them you are - helping you to focus on what matters. Having a clear picture of your teams and business allows you to better plan for the future. However, you are only able to do as much as your tracking tool allows you to do. You have to trust your tool in all that it does - trust that the information is correct, there is no bias, and it performs properly.

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