Agile Tracking

Among Agile tracking developers, there is a bit of competition, which means that you have to do research before purchasing (or downloading) the best tracking technology for your team. Tracking aims to tackle the three biggest problems that agile teams have: reporting and metrics, communication, and job assessment. Within each of those subsections, there are problems to address.


Agile tracking gives you metrics, or easy to understand progress reports of sorts that help you to understand what is happening, stakeholders to understand where their time and money goes, and for the teams to understand where they can improve. From a communication standpoint, agile tracking allows the team to communicate using feedback, lists, due dates, and assignments. A quick click of a mouse replaces an email or walking into an office. Finally, assessment helps teams understand if they are on the right track and if their performances are living up to your standards.

Agile Tracking Features

Agile tracking has many features, some that you will need and some that you won’t. However, each tracking tool will offer something just a little bit different. It is up to you to decide what your team needs and what they don’t need when choosing agile project management software.

Some agile trackers will automatically send out updates to key members of the team - managers, leaders, and stakeholders. For some, this is a great way to keep everyone updated on what happens without having a meeting on a daily basis.

Currently, customized agile tracking is the most popular method because it allows companies to see what they want to see and hide what they don’t. This makes everything far simpler and streamlined  - perfect for those who have busy days every day.

Spring reports, burndown charts, activity feeds, and other timelines also offer agile tracking that can be helpful.

Agile Tracking for Small Business

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to agile. Communication, task control, and budgeting are the most important things to track. Look for agile tracking tools that offer those three key things. If your small business employs remote workers, some agile trackers offer iOS and Android apps, app billing, and controls so that certain team members don’t see sensitive information.

Agile Tracking for Companies and Corporations

It might seem strange, but some agile tracking systems can only hold one project at a time. If you are a company that has multiple working projects at any time, be careful about choosing an agile tracker that can be scaled to your size - whether that means scaling upwards for more members to collaborate on a single project or scaling down so that multiple project work within the same tracking system.

Problems with Agile Tracking

The biggest problems with agile tracking fall not in the tracking itself, but in the programs that are used to do it. Some aren’t that flexible, defeating the purpose of using the method. They limit you in how things can be viewed or set up, sticking you into a column view, for instance. Other limits include sizing and storage, a problem for people who utilize large document sizes.

One of the biggest problems that you may run into is that customer support for some agile tracking tools can be extremely slow. It isn’t that the workers are slow, just that there aren’t enough of them to handle the incoming calls. If you use a paid system, you tend to get better customer support, but not always.

Agile Tracking Support and Management

Quality agile tracking that enables you to get a clearer picture of your projects and where they are headed allows you to make purposeful change and alterations to the fabric of your business. However, you can only do as much as your tools allow you to do - which is why agile tracking is so important. Even more important is trusting all of the tools that you use. Are they living up to your standards?

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