Agile Development

Agile development is the use of incremental methodologies as an alternative to traditional approaches in order to deliver dependable, functional software. Continuous interaction and development allow for customer or stakeholder needs to be met more quickly, as well as keeps the team productive as software changes or new integrations are required. Organizations use the agile development approach to break applications into manageable, small tasks that require minimal planning and quickly meet short-term functionality goals. The tools used during this process can deliver improved quality over a shorter turnaround time.

Agile Development Downside


While the agile development can create significant pressure on development teams to deliver more capability quickly, this can result in shortcutting, minimal testing, and less attention to code quality and security. Security is one of the largest issues in an agile development environment and poor code can lead to increased technical debt, compliance issues, or system-wide failures. These complications are frequently due to missed flaws during integration into complex systems or are caused by missed or hard to find defects in the developed code. If your organization is currently using an agile development approach, it is imperative to utilize a system-level analysis solution to ensure proper code quality and identify potential vulnerabilities for improved reliability and security.

System-Level Analysis Boosts Security

Traditional testing methods are not enough to catch potential vulnerabilities in complex systems developed in agile development environments. System-level analysis detects vulnerabilities across application layers and boosts overall application quality, performance, and reliability. Information gained from system-level analysis allows an organization to properly monitor team productivity and ensure flawless integrations. If your organization is seeking decreased time-to-value, improved control, and lowered maintenance costs, then a system-level analysis solution is a cost-effective option for improving reliability during the agile development process.

CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) is a system-level analysis solution designed to analyze large complex applications developed in fast-paced environments like agile. CAST AIP provides precise measures that create the visibility needed to improve productivity, prevent software risk, and boost application quality. AIP detects hard-to-identify system vulnerabilities across multiple application layers in a complex environment. If security has proven to be difficult for your agile development team, AIP can provide the clarity you need to make informed decisions for reducing software risk and controlling IT costs within your organization. Click here to learn more about AIP.

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