Agile Data Analytics


Agile data analytics are tools and systems that you can use to monitor just how much value your agile system delivers to your various value streams and overall company. Sometimes, agile data analytics will go even further, allowing you to use that information in reports that will analyze team performance, document the amount of work that was completed, improve your systems, and even help you in the decision making process.

Agile data analytics can be invaluable to your company, providing you with insight that wasn’t available to you before – all without significantly changing how you work. Instead, you will be able to make small, purpose-filled movements and see how they will impact your delivery time or final results. From there you can make the decision whether or not you want to make anymore changes.

With agile data analytics, not only do you get an insider’s glance at just how well you are performing, you also get to see how your agile tools are performing. Just a quick look at the data analytics will give you a bird’s eye view of how a week, sprint, or entire program increment went.

Agile Data Analytics: Why They Are Important

Agile data metrics are important so that you can understand how well your software development is working for you, how it has changed your performance over time, and even how it will continue to change into the future. Without this data, you are most likely missing out on meaningful, impactful information that you can then use to make important business decisions, adjust current value streams, and plan into the future.

Agile Transformation


Agile data metrics will help you to understand the inner workings of your teams and value streams by tracking meaningful agile metrics, tracking context, and measuring parameters.

All together, these are extremely important pieces to consider when looking at your metrics because without context, metrics do not mean anything. Agile data analytics help to provide you with the meaning behind the numbers and the trends.

Agile Data Analytics

Agile data analytics will better help you to visualize how your system has worked within a specific period, whatever you want that period to be, a week, a month, a quarter, or over an entire product lifecycle. The best part of agile data analytics is that you can get great insight into your team AND provide them with meaningful solutions to problems that might pop up over time.

Agile Data Analytics: Cycle Time and Lead Time Analysis
With agile data analytics, you are able to gain a competitive edge. How? It allows you to get concrete information about your systems and build a plan from that – you’ll be able to get lead times, results, timelines, spring backlogs, and more about your agile system and framework. You can then use this information to see how your system functions and, perhaps even more importantly, how the functionality may be able to improve.

Agile Data Analytics and Velocity

Become Agile Transformation Tips


Velocity is used to measure how much work was accomplished within a set amount of time, such a sprint or a program increment. This is crucial when you are monitoring against deadlines, and trying to predict future development. You can see what work has been accomplished within a given time, who has accomplished it, and what will happen if development continues at the current rate.

Even better, agile data analytics will help you to compare workloads within time periods so that you can make small changes and see how they impact productivity. For example, you will be able to see whether certain days of the week are more productive, whether summer months are more successful, or even if the team works better at specific times of the day.

Deliverable Agile Data Analytics

Agile development allows you to have a direct view of the progress that your teams make. This will allow you to make changes as soon as you see a problem – when you start development, as it moves through the system, and when you have finished the project. Even better, you will have a great chance to refine, edit, and adjust all of your final products before they are finalized. Agile data analytics help you to deliver something according to standards and requirements.

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