Software Intelligence for Digital Leaders is more than just a tagline. At CAST, we believe Software Intelligence makes the difference between the winners and the also-runs in the digital economy. Our advanced software analysis engine delivers what no one else has done before: unprecedented visibility into inner workings of complex software.

CAST technology generates a holistic understanding of software systems by analyzing software’s inner structure, architecture and composition. The resulting Software Intelligence helps digital leaders make fact-based decisions, visualize the actual architectures like nothing else in earth, detects structural security flaws and ensures the safety and soundness of business applications and software products.

CAST’s rapid analysis technology – CAST Highlight, can analyze hundreds of applications in a week, and provides intelligence into applications’ cloud readiness – blockers, boosters, cloud migration roadmaps and required effort, best-fit cloud native services, as well as insights into software composition, resiliency, and agility.

CAST’s deep analysis technology – the ‘MRI for Software’, analyzes all system data structures, code components, and their direct and indirect dependencies in software systems made of essentially any mix of technologies. It understands the semantics based on context, as well as the data and control flows from interface to data entities. It reverse-engineers the system architecture, down to the tiniest detail. It understands what the code actually does, visualizes the architecture and identifies faulty calls and references inside components, between components and across all technology layers.

Accurate e2e software system architecture visualization

Unique Analysis Capabilities
  • Understanding of software architecture to the slightest detail
  • Plotting of Data Access and API Call graphs
  • Spotting of loosely coupled modules for de-coupling
  • Identification of microservices candidates for re-factoring
  • Monitoring of architecture changes and adherence

Rely on Intelligence that reflects the truth and focus on the right issues

System and code level flaws cost risk impacts

Best Technology Stacks Coverage

Unique Analysis Capabilities