June 23, 2010 Survey Shows Mission-Critical Application Performance and Reliability Problems Hard to Diagnose

Results from IBM Innovate 2010 also indicate automation considered best means to detect software quality issues

June 23, 2010, New York, NY- Measuring Software Quality more difficult today than it was five years ago, yet many of today’s companies are not equipped to conduct software quality analysis and measurement; this according to the results of a survey conducted at IBM Innovate 2010, the Rational Software Conference held last week in Orlando, FL.

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The survey, conducted by CAST, Inc., revealed that 75-percent of respondents believe today’s mission-critical applications suffer performance and reliability problems that are very difficult to diagnose. Recent events in the news have helped shape this belief as nearly half of those who responded to the survey said they were increasingly worried about software quality because of what they’ve seen or read about the Toyota crisis.

One essential solution, in the minds of many of those surveyed, is automation of the analysis and measurement process.

"A significant majority of the people we surveyed at Innovate 2010, 78 percent to be exact, felt that with today's complex applications an automated process is essential to measure software quality," said Bill Curtis, senior vice president and chief scientist for CAST. "In order to fix problems with software before they affect performance, companies need to be able to find them. Automated analysis and measurement provides the kind of visibility into potential performance issues needed to optimize software quality and prevent software failures after applications are deployed."

But while a vast majority recognize the need for automated structural analysis, not quite half of those surveyed even "slightly agreed" with the statement that their companies have the expertise to analyze and measure software quality. Similarly, over 50 percent of respondents said their organization lacks an objective way to manage and measure software delivered by outsourcers.

"We're not surprised that so few respondents believe their companies are able to analyze their software properly because assessing the health, structural quality, complexity, maintainability and functional size of an application can be a daunting manual task that is costly, time consuming and grossly inefficient," said Curtis. "Automation facilitates this assessment and provides an instant return on investment by helping fix distressed projects and improving core business application assets."

About CAST

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