CAST Prevents Performance and Stability Issues through Automated Analysis and Measurement for SAP, PeopleSoft and Siebel

Automated Analysis and Measurement for SAP, PeopleSoft and Siebel

Study of SAP applications identifies multiple performance and stability issues that would otherwise go undetected, causing severe application malfunction

May 18, 2010, New York, NY- CAST, the worldwide leader in software analysis and measurement, today announced the release of its automated analysis and measurement software for SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft, addressing the growing need for consistent and objective measurement of these popular ERP platforms to eliminate costly customization errors.

In a recent study of more than 30 SAP installations, CAST analysis unveiled a large percentage of issues that would normally have gone undetected in functional testing, but which result in serious performance, stability, and maintainability problems. For example, 80 percent of database interactions in ERP installs are improperly handled, leading to significant business disruption.

"CAST’s automated analysis and measurement improved visibility into our SAP implementation and allowed us to hone our development efforts," said Klaus Lutterschmidt, Chief Architect at BIAC, IT-subsidiary of Vienna Insurance Group, one of the world’s largest SAP implementations in Financial Services. "Early in the development cycle, CAST identified the defects and issues that are hard to catch with functional testing only. CAST eliminated expensive and time consuming manual code reviews, reduced long-term maintenance costs and improved developer productivity by ensuring all teams were using defined standards."

SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft are environments where applications require a deceptively high level of customization, significantly increasing business disruption risk. Manual measurement of quality is too expensive and time consuming. Automation is essential for exposing flaws that cause applications to perform erratically. These issues are amplified by enterprise software vendors pushing customers to upgrade to their latest release levels and by the continued demand for new enhancements by businesses.

Furthermore, as noted in a recent interview by Andrew McAfee, Harvard Business School professor and an Enterprise 2.0 authority widely recognized as one of the top influencers in IT, “I honestly believe that, even if you and I buy the same industry-specific ‘vanilla’ piece of software from the same vendor, you and I will do substantially different things with it. I'm not even talking about extra coding and bolting on other applications. You and I will make different configuration choices, and we're going to have substantially different business models as a result, even if we're fairly close competitors.”

Today’s IT organizations face the complex decision of whether to program software in-house or to outsource the task, while CFOs try to tighten spending on package customization. SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft all represent environments where applications require an extraordinary level of customization. As a result, the application development focus is on the functionality, leaving program quality at risk. In addition, proactive measurement and analysis has, until now, been largely manual and therefore often ignored because of time and cost.

For ERP applications, CAST software analysis and measurement:

  • Measures the quantity and quality of custom code produced by internal or outsourced teams.
  • Facilitates compliance by generating lists of non-compliant objects and technical documentation to facilitate remediation.
  • Detects changes between two versions of a customized application.
  • Produces detailed technical documentation of the customization.
  • Helps identify the ripple-effect impacts of upgrades.
  • Estimates the costs associated with impact mitigation work.
  • Speeds adoption of new software modules by identifying which part of existing custom applications should be modified, and visually details the impact of these modifications.

"CAST has been helping IT executives get control over complex, difficult custom environments for many years," said Vincent Delaroche, CAST CEO. "SAP, PeopleSoft and Siebel are among the most difficult environments to manage. Our ERP analysis and measurement capabilities dramatically reduce the risk of business disruption and save our customers thousands of man hours in enhancement and maintenance costs."

About CAST

CAST is a pioneer and world leader in Software Analysis and Measurement, with unique technology resulting from more than $90 million in R&D investment. CAST provides IT and business executives with precise analytics and automated software measurement to transform application development into a management discipline. More than 650 companies across all industry sectors and geographies rely on CAST to prevent business disruption while reducing hard IT costs. CAST is an integral part of software delivery and maintenance at the world's leading IT service providers such as IBM and Capgemini.

Founded in 1990, CAST is listed on NYSE-Euronext (Euronext: CAS) and serves IT intensive enterprises worldwide with a network of offices in North America, Europe and India. For more information, visit