Have an impact on the Software Industry

Reasons to join CAST

In today’s software world, CAST is one of the rare ventures where the shareholders, the board of directors, the founder and CEO, and all at CAST are deeply committed to a long-term entrepreneurial vision. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider working at CAST:

1. IDEAL COMPANY. Not too big, not to small. Rock solid, yet politics-free! CAST enjoys profitable growth, a healthy balance sheet, financial independence, and top management pays particular attention to enable meritocracy. Comp packages are highly competitive for the brightest minds and the strongest business developers.

2. INDUSTRY IMPACT. There are companies that ride waves, and others that make them. CAST has pioneered and leads the Software Analysis and Measurement market today from a science, technology and business perspective. Our mission – to provide a Unit of Measure for those who build, buy or sell software – is having a significant impact on the IT industry.

3. TRULY HIGH TECH. Elite software engineers from the most prestigious engineering institutions worldwide have been working here for over 20 years. CAST technologists deal with very diverse and complex IT systems, more than 50 programming technologies, frameworks, scripting languages and databases. We provide the deepest and broadest learning experience on earth!

Life at CAST

What Employees Say