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CAST has a strong and cohesive global sales, business development and marketing organization. While there is a healthy dose of competition and analytics in the way our go-to-market teams operate, there is a strong collaborative thread. Everyone is on the same team and always ready to help their colleagues, even halfway across the world. The focus is building the application measurement market selling to Enterprise Global 500 companies and Global Systems Integrators (GSIs). CAST is having great success selling and marketing a solution that provides software analytics to deliver ROI to our clients and partners. Majority of our staff is in New York, Paris, and India.


We are a team of business oriented technologists who are driven to help our customers and partners find solutions to implement a software measurement program. Solution Designers help develop the business proof for the program by defining the most relevant components of the CAST analytics platform to integrate into specific points of our customer’s or partner’s development and deployment processes. Our team is also deeply engaged in the sales process by providing technical guidance to the sales and business development team and prospective customers and partners. Creativity, innovation and technical acumen are key characteristics to the team.



The CAST Enterprise Sales team are a global group of talented people who know their market/industry, prospects and customers. The Global 500 market is the focus, and business / technical solution experience in this area is key to every team member. Building relationships with customer executives and our partners’ ecosystems, and co-designing solutions with customers are key elements of the job. Demonstrating leadership selling a measurement platform and turning unique customer successes into real business relationships deliver additional value/revenue streams for CAST and our customers.



The CAST Business Development team are a global group of talented people who are in their heart sales hunters, builders and doers. They are very senior sales executives able to make things happen by mastering insight selling at executive level allowing them to enjoy a very rewarding position.

Their focus is Global System Integrators (GSIs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Advisory Firms such as McKinsey, BCG or Gartner Consulting. Their mission includes: a) selling a measurement platform to GSIs allowing them improve their delivery productivity and reduce rework; b) building and scaling channel revenue streams via these same GSI partners to their respective end customers; c) augmenting the technology practices of the Advisory Firms by leveraging the CAST analytics and disrupting the traditional consulting industry; d) selling the CAST measurement platform to the ISV community allowing them to reduce risk of outages and increase customer satisfaction & retention.


Marketing CAST’s technology requires a combination of business drive and technical competence. CAST has the most advanced technology in the world for analyzing complex, multi-tier business applications. Understanding and fully showcasing CAST’s differentiation requires the technical acumen of a senior software architect. Yet, the platform is positioned as a measurement and visibility agent for IT executives, so the messaging around analytics has relevance to the most senior executives in the C-suite. The ability to cover both ends of the spectrum, craft differentiated campaigns, communicate in social and online channels, while hosting white-glove executive functions, takes a special blend of highly-talented and driven individuals.

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