Keep us moving

Help our growing teams stay connected and on track

As we accelerate on our journey, we need to remain nimble and constantly innovate, and impart the processes to support our growth. We need committed, rigorous and open-minded talent who can help us build our future.


Our global infrastructure is complex and diverse; leveraging the latest new technologies and constantly evolving. From client-facing SaaS applications and hosted services to our development environments, we need expertise throughout the life cycle.


Listed on the Euronext, we have strict financial requirements, yet we run lean. F&A team has a broad business view and deep involvement in operations. But beyond technical skills, we need rigor, a sense of responsibility, and autonomy… a challenging balance, but an important one.


Great people make great companies. Our mission is to find the talented people that can drive our ambitious goals, and to provide the environment for them to succeed. This allows each individual to be in the best situation to demonstrate his or her talent and to contribute to the development of the company and the achievement of our goals.

We know how hard it is to find a place where you can stretch your wings and grow. And we want to work with the best, so if you don't see a suitable position posted, please reach out to us anyway. .