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Senior Program Manager - FRANCE / Paris

Enabled by disruptive technology, CAST offers an enterprise software solution that helps managing IT risks through automated analysis and measurement of software. Using CAST Analytics to quantify risks in internally-built or outsourced software, IT leaders can deliver more agile platforms, more value for money from outsourced development, higher throughputs from teams and higher quality software to their business.

For our Professional Services team, CAST is looking for a Senior Program Manager with experience in deployment of enterprise software in large customer environments and in transformation project for IT organizations, with deep understanding of practices in software development.

Position is open in France, in our office in Paris area.

What you will be responsible for:

  • Deliver successful implementation program for CAST technology across very large and global IT departments at key accounts, in France and in Europe
  • Set-up and track formal Governance plan for CAST programs, enforcing Project Committees, Steering Committees and Executive Briefing
  • Supervise adoption of CAST technology by development teams and by senior management
  • Understand the customer context and development organization objectives
  • Ensure realization of benefits on decisions made out of CAST Analytics, and ensure Customer Satisfaction
  • Build a solid relationship with the assigned customers
  • Support sales operations in identifying and anticipating new opportunities

    What you will concretely do:

  • Ensure coordination in front of customer of several projects running in parallel or in sequence for the same customer, building entire and consistent program for customer
  • Oversee planning and execution of general Roadmap with Customer to create value, bridging successive projects into consistent Roadmap milestones
  • Design and implement communication plan on program outcomes and values towards customer
  • Report status on Customer Satisfaction and engage/track actions related to Customer Satisfaction
  • Control overall workload and economy of projects
  • Build SoW for next missions to be executed against agreed Roadmap to create value
  • Conduct change in process for the customer, assist in new practice adoption for the customer, assist in organizational change for the customer, as part of the program

    What defines you:

  • You have more than 10 years of demonstrable, successful project management experience in enterprise IT services
  • You have deep knowledge of Project Management methodology and best practices
  • With very good communication skills, you can exchange with technical leads as well as give guidance to senior management on strategic directions
  • You have a good knowledge of SDLC concepts and software development (agile and waterfall)
  • You are autonomous to manage multitask, to reach project milestones and achieve your goals
  • You can work in English and you can travel for missions in Europe.

What would make perfect fit:

  • Strong leadership to engage internal team and customer team in project task completion
  • A culture of a disciplined and fact based management
  • International experience in a fast growing market
  • Project Management certification
  • Experience in Consulting inside a Software Vendor
  • Past experience in programming in Java, C++, .Net

Position is opened in Paris, with attractive salary. You are fluent in English. Depending on missions, you will be able to travel up to 50% of your time, mainly in France and sometime in Europe.

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