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When we tell people what we do, the typical response is "It sounds like magic!" It's not magic, it's hard work, passion and smart people.  Innovation, client satisfaction, and intellectual curiosity have driven us for over 20 years. Come join us at the forefront of extracting insights from complex applications and transforming them into Software Intelligence for the largest brands on the planet.


CAST Product Managers are defining the future of Software Intelligence. A fast evolving market in which we are driving the innovation. Defining solutions for this market is half feedback and half intuition, half vision and half creativity. (Okay, that's too many halves, but these are amazing enough to handle it!)



Our expertise in system level analysis drives our product’s unique ability to understand complex applications comprised of several technologies. We balance sophisticated analysis with building user friendly interfaces for executives, architects, and delivery teams. We are committed to a workplace where everyone contributes, shares and learns.



Building a Software Intelligence platform that measures +50 technologies accurately is a challenge. That’s the exciting mission of our Testing & QA teams. Embedded in the Agile teams, our Testing & QA engineers make the most of smart test design, test automation and teamwork to make sure we build a cutting-edge platform that works on real world IT applications ranging from a couple thousand lines of code to tens of millions.


We are the direct contact between our delivery / product team and our customers. We start each day with the exciting and challenging goal of ensuring that we make our clients happy and smarter about their software.



Developing new features while supporting real life implementations (let’s say it: fixing customer bugs!) isn’t always easy. And while all our software engineers strive to produce the best possible software, our customers strive to reveal its limits. Our job, as the Engineering Support Team is to be responsive to our clients while influencing product development to avoid similar issues in future releases.

We know how hard it is to find a place where you can stretch your wings and grow. And we want to work with the best, so if you don't see a suitable position posted, please reach out to us anyway.