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CAST has a combined 100 consultants in North America Europe and India who engage daily with our customers for the production and consumption of CAST analytics. With over 100 projects run a year, we support global IT improvement plans in large IT organizations at Fortune 2000 companies and Global System Integrators. In these improvement plans, CAST consultants work with senior IT managers to improve the performance of application development and reduce software risk.


CAST Professional Services delivers the unique value of CAST technology to our customers. We integrate CAST analytics into the ADM processes of more than 200 customers. Starting with technical implementation of the CAST platform, we coach and empower customer teams using CAST analytics. We assist senior IT managers in adopting CAST analytics, build improvement plans for insourced or outsourced development teams, and support initiatives in software risk reduction and productivity enhancement.

We are looking for energetic consultants, project and program managers who can embrace a large variety of technical environments, helping us extend CAST’s footprint at our customers.


With CAST Managed Services, our customers get CAST analytics, on-demand, from our central delivery center. Operating in Bangalore, with more than 500 applications examined per year, our central delivery center represents one of the largest teams delivering software analytics worldwide. We continue to bring new practices to the market of software measurement, with industrial software measurement and with continuous innovation.

We are looking for consultants, software architects, and delivery managers who are passionate about software development, who embrace the diverse universe of software development technologies, who are inspired by Quality, and who will help us deliver more CAST analytics to our customers.

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CAST Consulting maximizes the value of CAST’s automated measurement capabilities, delivering additional insight to senior IT managers. With our senior consultants having 15+ years of consulting experience in Application Development, we use our expertise to design tailored KPIs using CAST technologies and help our customers drive change based on these KPIs. Performing more than 80 audits a year analyzing trends in software development metrics, we assist in decision making, in normalization, in adoption of best practices, all with the goal of optimizing team performance and business outcomes.

We are looking for senior consultants, experienced in driving change in diverse types of application development organizations, and who are passionate about management practices, productivity, quality and performance.



Success is about delivering the business outcome we promised — like improve integrity of your critical systems, implement amore effective vendor management process, increase IT development productivity, mange software risk, making decision on hard facts, boosting your reputation.

We are always interested in applications, even if a position is not displayed here.
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