CAST Key Facts and Figures

  • Revenue:
    €36.719M for fiscal 2017
  • Operating Margin:
  • Employees:
    365 worldwide
  • Customers:
    Global 2000 organizations and governments worldwide
  • Cumulative R&D investment:
    over $150M (as of December 31, 2017)
  • Headquarters:
    Paris, France (Corporate and Europe) and New York (North America)
  • Subsidiaries:
    United States, UK, Germany, India, Italy, Spain,Benelux & China(*).
  • Stock:
    Listed on Euronext Paris – Eurolist, Compartment “C”
    Shares outstanding: 14 949 812 (as of March 31, 2018)
    Sicovam code: 7289
    ISIN code: FR0000072894
    Reuters code: CAST.PA
    Bloomberg code: CAS:FP
    French Personal Equity Saving (PEA) Plan eligibility: Yes
    Deferred Settlement Service (SDR) eligibility: No
    FCPI investment funds eligibility (Innovative Company label from OSEO-ANVAR): Yes
  • History:
    Founded in 1990, first product launch in 1995
  • Leadership:
    Vincent Delaroche, Founder, Chairman and CEO

(*) Theses subsidiaries are connected with Cast France.