About CAST


CAST was founded more than 25 years ago to make the invisible visible. Built around the idea that even the best analytics on the market still leave blind spots for technical teams looking to deliver better software and prevent outages, CAST provides the software intelligence that matter most.

At CAST, we believe in enacting change and shifting the industry. We want to challenge the status quo and leave things better than where we found them. We’re passionate about working smarter, not just harder.

I’m extremely proud of our global team. You will not find better people in the technology industry.

Accurate analytics take a holistic approach.

CAST analytics reflect the true state of business systems by going beyond component-level analysis and examining architectural and structural complexities to provide clear and precise understanding of how individual components affect the whole system. This is called System-Level Analysis.

Credible analytics are based on standards, backed by Industry Leaders.

CAST analytics are based on engineering standards set forth by a consortium of the industry’s best minds: SEI, OMG and CISQ. Proven and standardized measures create consensus, serve as irrefutable benchmarks and lead to fact-based dialogue.

Analytics must scale across technologies and organizations.

Finding security issues in complex business systems, or improving development team throughput, or controlling global outsourcing contracts is not easy. Deploying and supporting analysis that helps companies do these things is not trivial either. CAST supports enterprise-grade analytics programs across hundreds of systems, and CAST Professional Services has deep-rooted expertise in ensuring success in even the most diverse enterprise measurement programs.