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The MRI for Software

CAST achieves for software what MRIs have for medicine: unprecedented visibility

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Licensing and security risk from 3rd party and OSS components


Visualization and documentation of as-is architecture


Security, reliability, performance and data integrity issues

System Health

Analytics, benchmarks and trending of software quality & risk


Code quality, complexity, and function point metrics

Efficiency, effectiveness and minimizing software risks is high on every CIO’s agenda. Partnering with CAST brings enhanced technical depth to BCG.

Rishi Varma

Partner, Technology Advantage, North America


I rely on CAST Analytics to explain to my superiors the “Whys” and Hows” of the IT decision.

Col. Eric Breuille

Head of Apps Dev

Ministry of Defense

CAST shows us where to invest, something the business folks can see and better appreciate.

Frederic Veron

Enterprise CIO

Fannie Mae

Our relationships with our ADM providers are now based on facts. No longer on feelings.

Maria del Pino Marrero

Software Quality Manager


Ideal to estimate priority, complexity and risks.

Patrick Riviere

SVP Operations, Global Systems Integration


CAST was the only automated Function Point counting solution that let us scale our measurement program enterprise-wide.

Michael Synn



CAST helps Wipro demonstrate faster, predictable delivery.

Bhanumurthy B. M.



CAST provides very high quality analysis results.

Col. Eric Breuille

Head of Apps Dev

Ministry of Defense

Developers can now see the impact of their changes on other areas of the application.

Jean-René Calais

Application Development Leader

Societe Generale

CAST generates 20% productivity gains from rework.

Thierry Daumas

Head of Industrialization

Capgemini Europe

It improves our relationship with the business partner and increases customer experience dramatically.

Peter De Boel

Global Shipping Application Owner


CAST is a very consistent provider, with very sound technology that has been thoroughly vetted.

Jim Duggan

Former Research VP


We’ve seen a significant upward trend in the level of overall quality that has translated into fewer in-production failures.

Hank Hyatt

Head of Equities IT

Credit Suisse

CAST has brought consistency and rigor into our development process.

Pat Howard

VP Global Application Software Delivery


CAST complements our offerings in the technology space with hard facts and metrics.

Benjamin Rehberg

Partner and Managing Director


The roll out of CAST across our application services worldwide is leading to a reduction in rework.

Paul Hermelin

Chief Executive Officer


By partnering with CAST, we were able to expand our business scope with key clients.

Habeeb Mahaboob

Delivery Head Business Value Enhancement

Tech Mahindra

CAST, the leading product of its type.

Alan Rodger

Principal Analyst


Real Insight of Structural Quality issues enables us to reduce the business impact of outages.

Andrew Mountford

Senior Enterprise Architect

NPower RWE

CAST goes beyond static complexity analysis into architectural context and understanding.

Michael Azoff

Principal Analyst


Once in production, most of the effort to correct issues is spent on architectural problems.

Mark Standeaven

VP Group Delivery


Being able to look at our entire application rather each piece, enables us to precisely identify the areas that must be fixed.

Michael Furniss

Head of QA

Coca Cola

CAST outputs are an important part of our risk threshold framework.

Frederic Veron

Enterprise CIO

Fannie Mae

Bad software engineering practices at the System Level account for 8% of total defects, but lead to 90% of the reliability, security, and efficiency issues in production.

Dr Richard Soley

Chairman and CEO


The architectural assessment is an area in which CAST excels and successfully differentiates from static analyzers.

Melinda Ballou

Research Director


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