Customer Success Program

Our success is your success.
Our goal = 100% Customer Success

Success is about delivering the business outcome we promised — like improve integrity of your critical systems, implement amore effective vendor management process, increase IT development productivity, mange software risk, making decision on hard facts, boosting your reputation and more.

Our program is simple

You define what you need to achieve, and we stay tuned and support keeping things on track until you get there.

  • Align success metrics and work plan
    Review alignment of your business goals and your success metrics with CAST Use Case implementation and analytics consumption. Identify improvement opportunities and formalized alignment success work plan.
  • Proactive management of our success plan
    Help you leverage CAST community and resources: Connect with latest practices, innovations, experiences, peers and people on CAST. Simplify and accelerate your interactions with CAST. Champion your objectives, priorities and concerns at CAST.
  • Run Regular Success Call
    Biannual Customer Success review are at the heart of our program. We review your current success level: CAST relationship, CAST deployments, achievements and outcomes, What’s next for you from CAST. We uncover improvement opportunities and confirm key next step in our joined Success Plan.

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