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In the spirit of "Bull Durham", "The Natural" and "Field of Dreams", the upcoming movie, "Moneyball", looks to be the next great American baseball film. I am excited yet conflicted. I am a big fan of those movies but I happen to be a bigger fan of Michael Lewis’ book upon which the movie is based. And I am concerned that Hollywood will sift past Lewis’ exhaustive research, dodge his insightful observations and a string together a few pieces of Billy Beane’s life in the hopes of creating a romantic sports movie (a spormance).

Does Moneyball Play in the Corporate World?

Bob Martin, a principal engineer at MITRE systems, returns in this week's IT Software Quality Report to discuss the role of software managers in mission critical applications with CISQ Director, Dr. Bill Curtis.

Measuring Quality & Security in Software

Happy Birthday to Agile Development! You’re 10 years old now; that’s an important age. A lot of things start happening at age 10. The pre-teen years start and things will seem to get awkward. Most important, a lot more will be expected of you.

Agile Turns 10 – Time to Grow Up

While former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld never spoke or wrote about software (as far as I know), his quip about unknown unknowns during the early months of the Iraq war is well known.

No matter what you think of Rumsfeld, his classification applies nicely to software and teaches us a lesson or two about building good software.

Rumsfeld on Software – Handling Unknown Unknowns

Corner of 26th St. and 6th Ave in NYC at 2 AM? Good to be big!

Size Always Matters

Data from IBM below shows striking failure rates on the requirements for PCI compliance (it's from 2008, but nothing gives me any confidence that companies actually got better at this in 2009).

PCI — Are You Compliant?

I'm tired of hearing "You can't manage what you can't measure." If you're older than 6, you know Santa is a fiction. If you're older than 11, you don't need me to break it to you that of course you can manage what you can't measure. There's big money in that.

Managing What You Can’t Measure

In a recent post I wrote about the craziness of just measuring the things you do to build something, without ever measuring the quality of the thing you build.

Be Like Usain Bolt – Measure Output

I'd like to know Antonella! But it's not what you think.

Antonella and Software Requirements

Is software management obsolete? Yes, according to Tim Berry, President and Founder of Palo Alto Software.

Don’t Give Up on Software Metrics!