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Welcome to our 25 years of CAST page. 25 years ago, I could not imagine we would be one day on 3 continents and 7 countries, promoting this initially simple – but not that easy to deliver – idea to make the invisible visible. At CAST, we believe in enacting change and shifting the industry. We want to challenge the status quo and leave things better than where we found them. We’re passionate about working smarter, not just harder.

I’m extremely proud of our global team. You will not find better people in the technology industry, and these days that’s really saying something! Thank you to our loyal customers, partners, shareholders and employees who had faith in the CAST mission from the beginning – you are a big part of why we are here today.

I hope you enjoy this tribute to CAST, our evolution and our philosophy. Thank you for a great 25 years, and here’s to 25 more!

- Vincent Delaroche

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CAST 25th Anniversary




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C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs as a language to allow more complex programs. It enhanced and combined features from other existing languages of its time. According to Stroustrup, he wanted “to make programming more enjoyable for the serious programmer.”


In 2016, more programmers choose SQL – probably not for the joy it brings, but because it’s now the standard in managing database communications. SQL manipulates and tracks information, helping us make sense of our ever increasing volumes of data.


With the release of Game Boy, which sold over 100 million units in its 20 year span, we had portable video games to play on-the-go. It came with the always popular Tetris, and so began the era of spending countless hours dazed by a handheld device.


Virtual Reality takes “dazed” to another dimension and challenges us to distinguish what and where is “real”. The Oculus Rift headset, developed and manufactured by Oculus VR, was released in March 2016. How will portable VR work for people on the go?


The first version of the WorldWideWeb was introduced in 1990 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. His vision: to link and connect any website and the people who create them. In a spectacular gesture of success, Sir Berners-Lee tweeted “this is for everyone” to some 900 million people during the 2012 Olympics.


Browsing went mobile in 2009. Today’s high-speed mobile networks bring connectivity and information to more people worldwide. Just 25 years since the start of the “www”, there’s no need to plug in at home or office. We can share, discover, work and learn wherever we are.


Visually-fluid special effects made this movie a hit as well as the most expensive of its time. Terminator 2’s state-of-the-art visual effects and more realistic cyborgs brought Artificial Intelligence to life and left people feeling uneasy about AI and its potential threats to human civilization.


No longer just a theme for sci-fi movies, the potential dangers of AI are now a real and hot topic among prominent scientists and technology leaders. Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk among others have urged caution in advancing the realm of Artificial Intelligence.


Hailed as the ultimate in ease and portability in 1990, the first Apple PowerBook was big, heavy and clunky by today’s expectations.

Price: $7300
Weight: 16 lbs
CPU: 16Mhz
Memory: 1 MB RAM, 40 MB Hard Drive
Display: 10" B&W LCD 640 X 400 pixels


Consumers continue to demand smaller and more integrated mobile devices to facilitate our modern habits of connectivity and constantly access to information. The world is always at our fingertips.

Price: $800
Weight: 1.57 lbs
CPU: Dual-core 2.26 GHz
Memory: 128 GB
Display: 12.9" LED Touchscreen 2048 x 2732 px


The first CAST products were focused on helping developers and architects develop better code and understand the technical inner structure of complex, multi-technology software systems. An early key feature was Impact Analysis.


The current CAST AIP is a full analytics suite that includes 49 languages out-of-the-box. The most recent versions of AIP have also instituted important benchmarking tools that help IT managers measure ongoing success and risk factors.


Pillars of success


Strengthen Your
Body Armor

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing environment, you must be able to “roll with the punches.” It’s survival of the fittest so suit-up, strap-in and prepare for battle.



Lean Mean
Fighting Machine

Doing more with less is always the goal, but how can you realistically accomplish this? With dispersed teams and tapped-out bandwidth, efficiency is more important than ever.



Trust is Both Expected
and Earned

In order to attract and retain top talent, employers must prove that they deserve trust when it comes to creating a safe working environment.



Cope with Paradigm

To remain relevant, CIOs and IT managers must adapt and stabilize products for new technology innovations and shifts in the development paradigm.



When Low Ratings
are Good

If we measured CAST’s Transferability Health Rating, we would rank very low. That’s because we’re here to stay, and we’re not selling out to the highest bidder.

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July 7-8, 2016

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September 2016

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