Why Technical Debt Matters


Technical Debt. You've probably heard about it. You may have read about it. But should you be doing anything about it?

It all depends on how Technical Debt is defined. It could just be a scare or it could really sink you! Depending on how you define it, it may be very large, forcing you to pay attention.

A Team Sunk by Technical Debt

And most importantly, how you define it determines whether you can do anything about it.

On December 9 you can hear (and see) how we define Technical Debt, size it, and present practical steps to control it.

Date: Thursday, December the 9th

Time: 11AM EDT (5PM CET, 4PM GMT, 8AM PDT)

To register, go here: http://www.castsoftware.com/Worldwide/events/120910.aspx?Area=NA&connectionString=j.subramanyam@xqiw3g

See you then!

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