What Makes ERP Solutions Different?


I heard from an old friend, Shyam Nadig,  who had a question about the previous post -- in particular, how the CAST for ERP solutions compare with products like SAP's Solution Manager.

Thanks for the question Shyam. Here's the answer.  Readers, please keep in mind that this is specifically about CAST functionality.

While there's some overlap with SAP's Solutions Manager, CAST's automated analysis and measurement of the SAP environment complements SAP's solution. Here are a handful of key points where we add distinct value.

End-to-End Coverage of the ERP Environment
End-to-End Coverage of the ERP Environment

1) We measure the product itself, not the process by which it is customized. Specifically, we accurately quantify the quality and size of customization and upgrades done by internal or outsourced teams.

2) Our coverage of the SAP environment goes beyond all the SAP-related technologies. These additions (like SQL calls to an Oracle RDBMS) are often critical to the performance and stability of ERP systems in the production environment.

3) Finally, and probably most importantly, the types of problems CAST detects go beyond those that can be detected in functional and non-functional testing. These are problems that have to do with the structural quality -- the way in which the system is architecturally put together. The problems here can remain deeply hidden and have serious consequences. We've studied this carefully in a number of our customer environments and have developed a reliable way to quickly find and fix these difficult problems.

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