Trends From the Gartner Vendor Summit 2010


I've been surfing the booths at the Gartner Outsourcing & Vendor Management Summit in sunny, gorgeous Orlando (check out some pictures on Twitter).

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So what's new? Nothing radical. But there seems to be a gradual evolution. The themes remain the same with a few twists. Here's a quick summary of the trends I've noticed.

1)  A couple of years ago, every vendor was pushing their business process management services (BPO and BPM) to ensure that they were moving up the value chain. From my quick look around the booths, I would say that vendors today are coming to market with a more precise message. Some are touting BPM as their core competency while others are not.

2) Sourcing locations other than India! There are lots of country booths here -- South Africa, Ireland, Canada, Uruguay, Brazil, Poland, the Czech Republic, Vietnam, and of course, China. Their primary message is more about financial stability and ease of doing business in those countries rather than any unique apps capabilities.

3) Vendor management is getting more sophisticated. Not just in the types of SLAs, but in incorporating the lessons and techniques from supply chain and finance on how to manage vendor risk. A number of analyst sessions are devoted to this topic.

So, that's my quick take. If you were at the summit, drop me a line. If I missed a trend you're seeing, let me know. Thanks!

Hope you win that iPad!

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