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Cloud Migration Journey : Where are you?

Are you a medium or large sized organization that depends on your IT teams to provide you with on-demand infrastructure and support for your business’s critical applications? Are you an organization that is sprawling with thousands of applications and is planning to take the journey to cloud? Or are you already on the path to cloud-native? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may find yourself asking questions like "where do I start in migrating these applications to a new cloud platform?" Or "once I've migrated an application on to a cloud platform, how do I make sure my application code updates don't drift away from leveraging the most a cloud platform has to offer?" Are there any cloud migration tools that can help with the above?

Cloud Migration Challenges

Let’s take a real-world example. Think of an organization that has 1500 Applications, about 80% of which are Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) apps and about 20% are custom home-grown. These applications are mostly run on Unix-based systems, with some instances running on Windows hosts, and they are looking for assistance on getting started with questions like: How do they decide which applications to move? What changes need to be made to these applications to be compatible with the new platform? What risks and vulnerabilities are associated with not taking any actions on these applications? How long will it take to migrate these applications? Are these applications even ready to be migrated? What cloud migration tools/solutions should I use to ease my migration journey? And so on.

Cloud Migration Tool addressing the challenges

CAST Highlight , a cloud migration tool from CAST Software, provides organizations the ability to have automated assessments for an entire portfolio of applications, helping you decide which applications to target migrating first, how code changes affect an application resiliency, identify security vulnerabilities in the existing application code, and much more. CAST also provides the ability for you to export the results of your application assessment without the need to export any source code. This can be done by leveraging CAST API. For the organization mentioned above with thousands of applications, the process of evaluating their entire portfolio of applications can be easily automated leveraging this function.  

Here is an example of what the command line API call would look like. It would export the application metrics without the need to export any source code.

java -jar HighlightAutomation.jar --workingDir "/samples/pathToWorkingDir" --sourceDir "/samples/sourceDir/src/" --skipUpload 

Since jar files can be run on Unix and Windows, the command remains the same for both platforms. You can also use the command wrapper created by Keyva ( to run the assessment.  

By coupling up the ability to run API commands with their configuration management system or a workflow automation system like Red Hat Ansible, the above organization can scan for source code on their server inventory for all on-premises or cloud based servers. They can also automatically create an application portfolio assessment report on a scheduled basis.

To get started with our application assessment questionnaire, please visit us at . We also provide a free assessment for one of your applications built using Java or Python , and help you road map the required effort and the steps you would need to take to assess and migrate your entire portfolio of applications.  

If you are interested to learn more on this topic, you may want to join me and CAST for this upcoming webinar on 16th July . Register here.

Anuj Tuli
Anuj Tuli Chief Technology Officer, Keyva
Anuj helps organizations adopt Containers, implement CI/CD methodology, modernize their applications, and develop an automation framework which supports end-to-end application lifecycle - planning, development, testing, deployment, and operations.
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