Technical Debt & DevOps: 5 factors fueling automation in IT


Technical debt and DevOps are two topics on every organizations mind.  Yet, no one tackles the topic better than this article, 5 factors fueling automation in IT now by The Enterprisers Project, an online publication for CIOs exploring the future of business and IT. In this article by Kevin Casey, Azbee Award winner from the InformationWeek article ‘Are you too old for IT?’, he takes us to a very timely topic where his point is clear: Automation is no longer a want, it’s a necessity.

Today’s IT environment requires speed, one of the major influencers in the boost of Automation, without risking software quality. Key to stay on track while maintaining software quality is to reduce technical debt. It’s not just a technical matter anymore; minimizing technical debt is now a business strategy.

“Modern software development cultures and practices such as DevOps and Agile also require reducing technical debt – including kludgey, time-consuming patches – and making way for automation. It’s a key part of shrinking deployment times without sacrificing quality.”

Hear more about the what Kevin has to say about Technical Debt & DevOps here.

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