Speed is Good, Agility is Better


In about 3 weeks (January 27th, to be precise), we'll be featuring Dave West, Principal Analyst at Forrester on a webinar.  Stay tuned for the announcement and the link to register.

Dave is planning to talk about the balance between speed and agility in Agile software development.

There are many ways to deliver faster, but some of those ways might require cutting corners -- corners that add cost and hinder agility down the road. And given that an application is never "done" in that it's always changing in some way based on IT and/or business changes, it makes sense to balance speed with agility.

As Kelly Cannon, former CIO at Nationwide and at Wassau Insurance puts it in an interview:

"Speed in IT is not just speed of delivery. It won’t matter much how fast you deliver something if it ends up costing you an arm and a leg to maintain or modify in response to the next pressing business need. The goal is to deliver supportable systems at a reasonable cost."

He goes on to say, "The job of a CIO is not just to deliver fast – it is to reduce the cycle time of change in the enterprise."

It would be nice if we could quantify software agility. This way we can make more informed decisions about how to trade off short-term speed with medium-term agility. A promising approach to measuring agility is to measure Technical Debt.

Speed is good, agility is better.  To learn more about measuring Technical Debt from Forrester's Dave West, tune in on the 27th.

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