Software Quality: A Two-Way Street


In this week's IT Software Quality Report, Manuel Barbero, CTO and hUBS corporate logoead of strategy and marketing at UBS, continues his discussion with CISQ Director, Dr. Bill Curtis, about software quality methods at UBS.

Digging deeper into their discussion two weeks ago, Barbero explains how UBS--an organization with many mission-critical applications--has created a systematic review of how applications adhere to a set of fundamental architectural principles. The greatest challenge? Creating homogeneous measurements of software quality in a complex, heterogeneous environment.

Barbero asserts that software quality is the tip of the iceberg for IT organizations: how well they engage with vendors and adhere to a consistent set of architectural principles. In other words, what your organization puts into its software quality effort is what you get back. It's a two-way street.

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CAST is a proud member of the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ). As a member, we are committed to participating in the development of global standards for IT software quality and measurement.

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