Software Intelligence - What's under the hood ?


Software Intelligence is the insight into a complex application's composition and integrity based on the analysis of the database structure, application frameworks, project files, stored procedures, and source code.

Hundreds of companies rely on CAST Software Intelligence to improve end-user satisfaction and time-to-market, prevent business disruption and reduce cost, enabling them to move past today’s obstacles and to tackle the next wave of innovation.

How does the CAST Software Intelligence engine work?


CAST works like an MRI on your software. It scans and understands software architecture, database inner structure, end to end transactions, frameworks and interrelation between components. Capable of scanning wide range of technologies and how they interact with each other, the intelligence engine brings out intrinsic details of the applications. It navigates through each layer of your application, validates architecture design, application composition & architecture discovery, helps define & scope microservices strategies and provides unprecedented visibility into the critical software. 

Engineers or Magicians ?

The brains driving this Software Intelligence engine are the super smart R&D engineering teams based out of India and France. The CAST R&D team builds sophisticated source code analysis platform leveraging parsing, control flow, data flow and other mechanisms to fully understand the inner structure of the complex IT Systems developed and used by the Fortune 500 companies.

As a member of CAST R&D, I feel extremely proud of my mission, a mission to save the world from this era of nine digit failures. And, here's my super enthusiastic team (no less than magicians) supporting the same vision and mission.

When we tell people what we do, the typical response is "It sounds like magic!" It's not magic, it's hard work, passion and smart people. 

You can join this mission as well!

CAST R&D is conducting a hiring challenge for full stack developers. We are looking to onboard top notch engineers to work in the field of technologies and software development. If developing full stack applications at scale is your expertise, this is for you. You can be a part of a highly talented global development team at CAST.

Register and find all the details of the hackathon here. Let's see if you make it!

Kunal Yadav
Kunal Yadav
Kunal is a leader at CAST with extensive experience in Software Development. His expertise is to mentor and manage global development teams. Having worked with various cutting edge technologies, he is skilled to transform ideas to viable software.
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