Quality Is Getting Harder to Measure, Automation is the Key


Software quality is getting hard to measure and automated quality measurement is the only way to go.  That's the news from our IBM Innovate2010 quality survey. Complete survey results are on Slideshare.

Business Disruption Danger
Business Disruption: Hard to Root Cause, Hard to Avoid

“We’re not surprised that so few respondents believe their companies are able to analyze their software properly because assessing the health, internal quality, complexity, maintainability and functional size of an application can be a daunting manual task that is costly, time consuming and grossly inefficient,” said Bill Curtis, Chief Scientist at CAST.

Measuring Software Quality Is Getting Harder
Measuring Software Quality is Getting Harder

Dr. Curtis added, “Automation facilitates this assessment and provides an instant return on investment by helping fix distressed projects and improving core business application assets.”

The survey respondents couldn't  agree more.

Automation is Essential for Measuring Software Quality
Automation is Essential for Measuring Software Quality

Get the complete survey results on Slideshare.

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