Predicting the Future of IT Risk Management with Melinda Ballou


We currently live in a futuristic world that past generations could only dream of. News, weather, updates from friends all over the world come pouring into our computers and smart devices and we don’t even think twice about the IT risk. Whether we’re at home with family, socializing with friends, or even working, technology is constantly surrounding us in one way or another.

Our reliance on technology is so heavy in fact, we often forget about the science behind it and how much goes into the IT risk management to support it. Beneath the surface of our most frequently used apps, social media accounts, games, and programs, highly complex software and code is constantly operating to maintain a satisfied user experience. Even non-tech businesses now realize they would not be able to function in today’s world without effective technological resources.

So how can IT leaders ensure their architectural and software quality is sound enough to prevent an outage or glitch that could lead to a business loss?

At our last launch event in October, IDC analyst, Melinda Ballou, discussed the major software and code quality issues confronting IT executives. She also highlighted numerous options for adopting tools and methods to establish improved software quality. For further insight and a more in-depth breakdown, you can watch a video of Melinda’s presentation below, or read her full report on software quality here.

As effective as technology can be, it’s still man made. Humans make mistakes, and technology is bound to experience failure too. The complexity of software and its method of running a business should not be taken lightly. Without proper visibility and understanding into the real complexity of your organization’s software and architecture, business owners can’t make sound decisions about their IT risk management strategies.

Lev Lesokhin
Lev Lesokhin EVP, Strategy and Analytics at CAST
Lev spends his time investigating and communicating ways that software analysis and measurement can improve the lives of apps dev professionals. He is always ready to listen to customer feedback and to hear from IT practitioners about their software development and management challenges. Lev helps set market & product strategy for CAST and occasionally writes about his perspective on business technology in this blog and other media.
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