Paris Takeaways: Accelerating Application Modernization for Cloud Migration


According to Bain & Co., only 8% of executives recognize their organizations as being digitally transformed. Given the challenges inherent in digital transformation and application modernization projects, it’s no surprise so few organizations consider themselves fully digital.

Modernization was one of three key areas of interest at the Software Intelligence Forum in Paris, an annual event which brings together digital leaders to share insights and lessons learned from IT transformations and their quest to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.  Expert consultants who regularly work with C-level executives to help modernize the IT estate shared some insights on how Software Intelligence can be leveraged to accelerate modernization, and how it’s crucial to answering three common questions: What do we modernize, how do we do it, and how can we monitor the progress?

Accelerating Application Modernization through Software Intelligence

Bain regularly advises large enterprises on how to better leverage their IT assets to drive business growth.  While all of their clients acknowledge the need for modernization, one of the frequent challenges they see is their clients not knowing where to begin the modernization journey, and where to invest so that IT is able to deliver continuous value to the business.

To address the challenge, Bain uses CAST Highlight to analyze large application portfolios. CAST Highlight analyses the code, considers the business criticality of each application, and provides the metrics needed to plan the most optimal modernization journey. Based on the output from CAST, Bain suggests a course of action for each application in the portfolio, be it rehosting, refactoring,  rearchitecting, or retiring.

The insights that Bain extracts from CAST Highlight make it easier for their CIO clients to get buy in from other C- level executives for their modernization plan. The quote from Vishy Padmanabhan, Partner at Bain & Co., captures the power of CAST insights.

“We worked with CAST and blew our client’s mind. Within a month we were able to deliver tangible insights.”

Accelerating Migration to Cloud with Software Intelligence

Waheed Mahmood from IBM, the leader in Hybrid Cloud, shared with the audience its secret weapon – embedding Software Intelligence into a variety of its modernization services. CAST Highlight, rapid portfolio analyzer, is part of the IBM Garage where it helps clients build their business case and hypothesis for transformation, and CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP), for deep application analysis, is used to ensure digital transformation projects progress as planned.

In one specific instance, IBM walked into a transformation project for a retail client and found that the project was delayed by 2 years - a 100% overshoot on the originally planned time.

On further probing with CAST AIP, IBM found that the delay was primarily due to the complexity of the various components of the application. Furthermore, the technical debt kept increasing throughout the transformation journey. IBM deployed CAST AIP to assess the application, after which a new plan was laid out based on the insights AIP provided.  The application is now continuously monitored throughout its transformation to ensure the technical debt is under control.

Modernization is a complex task that requires accurate metrics on the cloud readiness, internal architecture, and evolving condition of the software being modernized. Top advisory firms, global SIs and hundreds of enterprises rely on CAST’s ‘MRI for software’ to address these concerns and achieve smarter portfolio prioritization, faster system re-factoring, and safer modernization journeys.

To know more about how CAST can help you in your modernization journey, visit us at

Shibin Michael
Shibin Michael Product Marketing Manager, CAST
Shibin started his career as a developer and has spent close to a decade in the tech industry across a wide range of roles. He is passionate about using Software Intelligence to help IT practitioners.
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