Open source is wrapping its hands around the federal government’s infrastructure


It’s no shocker that the federal government is turning to cost cutting measures in the middle of a down economy. But there’s a bigger problem looming on the horizon.

The federal government has become very dependent on open source products; which wouldn’t be a problem if open source software was held to the same standard as custom commercial code.

What government agencies fail to realize is that the open source components they’re using to cut costs are being integrated into their most crucial systems. They’re not standing alone. They’re right in the mix, integrated into various data feeds and sources.

Don’t get us wrong, open source software is great. And the development communities around open source are active and responsive. But that, in and of itself, does not equate to the same level of quality that proprietary applications face before release.

Our very own Marc Jones recently sat down with Linux Insider to discuss the issue of open source software in the federal government. You can read the interview here.

Do you think it’s safe for the federal government to be using open source technologies? Weigh in with a comment.

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