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We’re a society that is always looking for the “next big thing.”

Just check out the TV listings. We tune in to find out who will be the “Next Top Model,” “Next Food Network Star,” “Next Design Star” and “Next Iron Chef.” Technology is also quite interested in “The Next Big Thing” as witnessed by the 19.9 million results you get when you Google “Next Big Thing in Technology.” But while most of the TV “Next” searches focus on the individual, most of the “next big things” discussed in Tech have been on a trend level.

Today, though, CAST and Dr. Dobb’s, the most respected development-focused brand for software development professionals, launched their search for the “Next Application Development Star” with the announcement of the BreakOut Award. The BreakOut Award is a search for the world’s best, undiscovered new software application and the winning developer will walk away with a grand prize of $10,000!

Besides uncovering the next rising star in the application development world, the BreakOut Award competition seeks to encourage innovation while also stressing the importance of software structural quality. Developers – both independent and those from corporate teams – will have their applications judged by a panel of Tech industry experts from around the globe including Dr. Dobb’s Editor in Chief Andrew Binstock , and senior leaders and CEOs from Gartner, GoodData, Hubspot, IBM Global Business Services, Kimberly-Clark and TechHub. In addition, entrants will have their applications analyzed for structural quality using CAST’s Highlight application.

Developers can register at, download the Highlight App from the website and use it to perform the analysis on the app and upload the results on

Jonathan Bloom Writer, Blogger & PR Consultant
Jonathan is an experienced writer with over 20 years writing about the Technology industry. Jon has written more than 750 journal and magazine articles, blogs and other materials that have been published throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has expertise in a wide range of subjects within the IT industry including software development, enterprise software, mobile, database, security, BI, SaaS/Cloud, Health Care IT and Sustainable Technology. In his free time, Jon enjoys attending sporting events, cooking, studying American history and listening to Bruce Springsteen music.
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