The news enterprise Objective C developers have been waiting for


We have some good news for CAST Highlight users who love Objective C. Your preferred code quality as a service platform has been updated to support your preferred coding language: Objective C, the language behind iOS -- which powers the iPhone and iPad -- and the Mac OS X operating systems.

CAST Highlight will now give development teams the ability to consistently produce reliable iOS applications, while giving IT leaders insight into where vulnerabilities lie across their entire application portfolio.

You can read more about the most recent Highlight update in a release we issued this morning.

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Alexandra Szynkarski
Alexandra Szynkarski Senior Solution Consultant, Oracle
Expertise: go-to-market strategies; product management; market research; development of relationships with internal and external stakeholders to define product plans; digital marketing and communications; awareness and branding programs; B2B vertical lead generation; marketing content programs; data analysis (SPSS); cross-cultural awareness with experience in France, USA, UK.
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