New Fields of Software Measurement to Digitally Transform


Last December, CAST invited CIOs, Systems Integrators, Partners and Industry Analysts to our annual Matinée CIO Conference to discuss new fields of software measurement to digitally transform. While many of our speakers focused on emerging themes like DevOps, Cloud Migration, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, two key takeaways emerged from the event:

  1. Improving legacy software is critical to digital success, and this process of modernization must be managed correctly via modern software measurement practices.
  2. It’s more important than ever to keep constant watch over software quality as Agile practices take stronger foothold and lines blur between outsourced and in-house development.

As famously stated by W. Edward Deming, “Someone with an opinion and no factual data to support it, is just one more person with an opinion.”

Software Intelligence aids traditional software measurement practices by bringing objective transparency into modernization workflows and enabling fact-based, constructive communication between key stakeholders, from the CFO to the CIO to developers.

Throughout the conference, Corinne Dajon, CIO of AG2R, emphasized the need for objective measures to support productive conversations and planning:

“We are using CAST to help our modernization decision processes. A good example is the way we managed our application portfolio when merging our systems with SYSTALLIANCE / REUNICA. Using Software Intelligence, we were able to determine that the indexes for both portfolios were pretty much the same, indicating they each contained roughly the same level of quality and risk. This helped us focus our efforts on what to keep and what to let go, so we could keep the best features for our business.”

Software Intelligence, continued Dajon, delivers valuable information in a world where opinions are plentiful, yet “without data, you are just another person with an opinion.”

Software Intelligence and Machine Learning

CAST partners, including IBM, Microsoft and TNP Consultants have also launched brilliant innovations that embed AI and Machine Learning at the heart of their solutions, getting automation and intelligence feedback closer to the heart of application development.

These partners are combining software measurement practices with contextual data to increase the overall value for their customers. For example, IBM is correlating business outcome data with software quality and productivity indexes delivered by CAST to demonstrate continuous improvement and automate modernization effort.

What these testimonials show is that we are entering a new world where code is becoming central and strategic to better outcomes for the business. “In an era where error tolerance is moving towards a 10 -9 level, no human or manual processes can manage,” said Alain BENSOUSSAN.

Connecting Machine Learning with software measurement offers IT organizations the ability to automate software risk management and drive continuous improvement with confidence. Welcome to the world of Software Intelligence.

To learn more about the 2017 Matinée CIO Conference, access the post-event materials here, or register now for our 2018 event.

Sylvain Cailliau
Sylvain Cailliau Technical Director
Sylvain Cailliau is a Technical Director at CAST with over 25 years of experience in the software industry. He utilizes his vast experience in Agile and DevOps to guide customers in the transformation of their IT organizations to cope with new required speed while preventing software risk.
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