New Era for Enterprise DevOps


Frédéric Véron, who was previously a CIO at Deutsche Bank and Fannie Mae, in this article explains his experience integrating software development with software operations into an enterprise DevOps approach. He tells us that “the better the software, the better the business.” Throughout this process, Véron has relied on CAST software intelligence for quality assurance. He states that “by helping understand the software, that kind of intelligence helps to improve reliability, performance, flexibility, and the overall customer experience.”

Incorporating Software Quality for Enterprise DevOps

Because of the changes Deutsche Bank began making while merging their Dev and Ops teams, their enterprise DevOps strategy leads to safer and higher quality software. “Good business digitalization requires software that is adaptable, resilient, secure, safe, properly tested, operations-ready, cost effective, and architecturally sound,” said Frédéric Véron. Véron is certain that measurably robust software creates an edge over rivals who do not adapt to the new DevOps methods.

Software Intelligence for Enterprise DevOps leads to Customer Satisfaction

There are several advantages to adding software intelligence to enterprise DevOps such as catching potential problems sooner, better understanding of the needs for a functioning system, and more reliable software. In the end, this will lead to more satisfied customers.

If you would like to read more about Frederic’s views on this topic, click here.

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