New CAST AIP Release: Part 3 - The Design


Good things come in three! I wouldn’t say we have saved the best for last, but the information we’re covering in this post is an exciting one! If you haven’t been following our series, I encourage you to read about what we have already announced is coming in AIP 7.1 -- the new delivery management tool and the Appmarq industry benchmarking repository. In this post, we wanted to give you an advance preview of a feature that will be made available towards the end of the year, with the next release of AIP. We’re talking about the design of our dashboard.

The new CAST AIP dashboard will be a beta feature in the 7.1 release that users will need to opt-in to. The beta has a limited number of data screens, with plans for more to be rolled out over the coming year. The full dashboard will be generally available in the 7.2 release, beginning of 2014.

The most obvious update is a sleek, new dashboard that was completely redesigned to: 1) Provide the real-time state of an entire application portfolio 2) Simplify application analytics through an easy to understand format

Take a look at the new UI below:


Does it look familiar?! By taking inspiration from the Windows 8 design, we provide clear insight into an organization’s complex application portfolio. The tile format can be easily configured to deliver business critical information that the C-suite needs to have a relevant dialogue about their company’s software risk, as well as highlight the information most relevant to each role.


We spoke to a lot of our customers while we were designing this interface, and the overwhelming feedback that we received was that the new layout gives users the ability to track key software quality metrics while allowing them to drill into the data without being overwhelmed. The redesigned dashboard is a completely rethought approach to navigating application intelligence!

What do you think about our new design? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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Damien Charlemagne
Damien Charlemagne Senior Product Manager
Damien is a Senior Product Manager at CAST and for the last decade has helped developers, technical leaders and C- Level executives understand complex architecture and software design. He is passionate about the constant evolution of IT systems at large enterprises and keeping stakeholders up-to-speed on emerging business technologies.
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