Calling all CAST fans! New CAST AIP release: Part 1 – Delivery Management Tool


Remember when you were younger and would anxiously wait to hear the latest release from your favorite band? Before iTunes and online music services, it required listening to the radio hoping to tune in just when they would play it and rushing out to the record store to buy the new album.

We feel the same way about the latest release of the CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP), and we think you will too! We are so excited about the newest version of the platform that we are doing something that most software companies don’t do -- give you an advance look at upcoming features and technologies in AIP 7.1. In this first post, we are going to start with a brand new feature available with this release: the Delivery Management Tool (DMT). In the past, the process of delivering source code was well-managed, but not fully integrated into CAST AIP. This was a sticking point for many customers, so we listened and made some changes.

With the introduction of DMT in CAST AIP 7.1, customers can now upload their source code directly within the CAST AIP portal with the press of a button.


And with the new DMT, alerts will notify the delivery manager if their packaged source code is ready to be delivered or if they have missing elements -- saving delivery managers untold hours toiling over needless rework.


This feature is part of our global effort to ease enterprise-level software analysis. If you are part of the large enterprises that have problems managing software-driven cost and risk, then the DMT will allow to quickly and easily upload the source code packages into CAST AIP, ultimately improving developer productivity. This functionality marks CAST AIP 7.1 as a much-needed turning point in the software analysis and measurement industry.

What do you think of our new Delivery Management Tool? Leave your thoughts below in a comment. And be sure to stay tuned to the blog for the next post in our sneak feature series!

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Laurent Windels
Laurent Windels Product Manager at CAST
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