Modernize QA with Automated Structural Quality Gates


Just like a species of insects can become resistant to a certain type of pesticide, a new strain of software bugs has emerged and is plaguing software developers and wreaking havoc on software quality -- architecturally complex violations. Unlike a code-level bug, a system level defect involves interactions between several components, often spread across different levels of an application, making them much more difficult to find and fix.

And even though these types of violations only account for 10 percent of the total number of defects, they lead to ninety percent of the production issues -- severely impacting software quality and technical debt.

structural quality

It’s time to face facts -- functional testing is not enough. Applications are becoming increasingly more complex, the time to market for new software updates are getting faster, and the majority of bugs that take down apps in production aren’t visible under current functional testing practices.

However, using a tool that implements a structural quality gate, like CAST’s Application Intelligence Platform, application development and maintenance teams can track structural quality with system-level checks that limit stability, performance, security, and simplicity. Software development shops that use this modern QA process have reported they can deliver an app to production with 30 percent fewer defects.

Structural Quality & Functional Testing

The structural quality gate is a natural complement to functional testing, and is designed to integrate seamlessly into the SDLC process. Additionally, progress is being made on creating an industry wide standard for software quality metrics, which will reduce or eliminate confusion between vendors, software development teams, etc. Combine all this with the new look of our Application Analytics Dashboard and you’re looking at a NSA level of visibility into your entire application portfolio.


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