Let The Games Begin!



The Olympics are all about winning teams -- which country is first, and which country is best. Well, we thought we’d like to take some of the spotlight off the winners (just for a second) and focus a little on the guys and gals who come in last.

Nobody remembers the last place athletic team, but everyone remembers when a software team’s project or app fails spectacularly, sometimes even making headlines around the world. Despite such different outcomes, it turns out there is a huge likeness between the losing athletic team and the losing development team. To illustrate our point, we developed this infotoon below to show some of the similarities.

When you’re done, if you see any similarities in this cartoon to your development teams (or those of your friend’s), check out some resources on the CAST website that will help your friends go gold in their software development outcomes.

Click the image above to get the high-resolution infotoon.

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Lev Lesokhin
Lev Lesokhin EVP, Strategy and Analytics at CAST
Lev spends his time investigating and communicating ways that software analysis and measurement can improve the lives of apps dev professionals. He is always ready to listen to customer feedback and to hear from IT practitioners about their software development and management challenges. Lev helps set market & product strategy for CAST and occasionally writes about his perspective on business technology in this blog and other media.
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