IWSM Mensura: Software Measurement Makes Data More Valuable


Earlier this month, CAST sponsored IWSM Mensura 2016 in Berlin, hosting software measurement professionals and researchers from all over the world to discuss maximizing the value of data. With digitalization trends, there is more data than ever before in software applications and systems, and that data is expected to drive business value. Software measurement is the key to making this data actionable.

A vital step that’s often overlooked is application benchmarking. Application benchmarking provides an effective baseline to measure progress, quality and productivity. Before starting digitalization, modernization or even cloud migration initiatives, both the business and IT units should start with an objective benchmark, set at the outset of the project in order to be most successful.

CAST at IWSM Mensura

In our session “Measuring Software Quality with CAST,” Daniel Maly, Managing Director of CAST DACH, and myself spoke about the value Highlight and CAST Application Intelligence Platform bring to successfully managed software development and modernization projects. Highlight can give a “birds-eye view” of broad spectrum application portfolios, helping establish modernization priorities and identify hot areas of risk. CAST AIP takes that process a step further by conducting system-level analysis to assess the true quality and risk potential that something like digital transformation will bring to the organization.

There was particular interest in how CAST aides automated function point counting to further modernization initiatives. In fact, at the end of the three-day conference, the title awarded best paper was “Functional Size Measurement Patterns: A Proposed Approach.”

CAST Function Point Discussions at IWSM Mensura

By automating the function point counting process, CAST makes it possible to quickly and precisely measure system complexity and software productivity – two measures that have a clear impact on the bottom line.

Another topic discussed at the conference was how the true value of a company is increasingly hiding in its data. This hidden data can only be used to its fullest if it is made visible and subsequently mapped across the entire value chain. CAST, along with other leading quality institutions like CISQ and the Software Engineering Institute, are working to make the invisible visible.

To learn more about how CAST can help you take control of your transformation projects, contact us.

Michael Haider
Michael Haider Senior Technical Consultant at CAST
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