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During last week’s webinar on IT Transformation featuring Marc Cecere, vice president and principal analyst for Forrester Research, many questions presented by participants went unanswered due to time constraints. Because these questions are likely being asked by many in the IT arena, we asked Marc’s webinar co-host, Pete Pizzutillo of CAST to provide answers to the three most frequently asked questions.

Here’s what Pete had to say:

Should it be surprising that IT processes are enablers of Business transformation and an integral part of Business Processes? Forrester’s statistics on slide 7 show that IT processes are top transformation concerns and this really isn’t a surprise.  It is obvious that almost all businesses are now software companies.  As such, all aspects of business process redesign or optimization impact the technologies that support them.  So getting better at developing and supporting applications is a global concern.

Why does the CIO feel on the hook for a business transformation failure? I don't think the business believes he or she owns their business change in most instances and may rally against that change. Conversely does the business genuinely own their part of the puzzle? While it is unfortunate the CIO’s are predominately on the hook as suggested in the previous question, almost all processes – internal and external – rely on software. So CIO’s are tightly coupled to an organization’s functions whether or not a transformation initiative is planned. However, I think you’ll find that the business owners are heavily invested in transformations, but ultimately since they rely on their technical counterparts to execute these transformations the CIO and IT leadership are at the forefront of the effort and scrutiny. On slide 17 of the presentation, you will see that not all CIO roles are equal and that there are varying levels of investment depending upon the type of CIO and the conditions of the transformation.

What is the typical time required for business transformation? The length of the transformation process obviously varies by industry as well as the scope of the transformation; not all transformations are enterprise wide as discussed in the presentation. A time scale is difficult to suggest as these projects can range from SAP consolidation to wholesale business process re-engineering.

The full webinar presentation on Business Transformation is available on the CAST web site at .


Jonathan Bloom
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