IT RISK MANAGEMENT: A Conversation with BCG’s Benjamin Rehberg


Benjamin Rehberg, Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group and former consultant for IBM Global Business Services, discusses the importance of both IT risk management and application portfolio management (APM) in a video conversation with CAST. He looks at the challenges for IT leaders, the need for software measurement and discusses how IT transformation can improve business operations.

During the brief discussion, Rehberg provides answers to the following questions:

  • How big a challenge do you see transformation for IT leaders today?
  • How does software measurement affect transformation?
  • What are some examples of transformation projects that you've seen?
  • How would BCG characterize where we are with measurement and analytics in IT?
  • Why should software leaders care about software measurement?
  • How can metrics improve IT's dialog with businesses?

BCG’s Benjamin Rehberg on IT Risk Management

The video is also available on CAST’s YouTube channel:

Jonathan Bloom
Jonathan Bloom Technology Writer & Consultant
Jonathan Bloom has been a technology writer and consultant for over 20 years. During his career, Jon has written thousands of journal and magazine articles, blogs and other materials addressing various topics within the IT sector, including software development, enterprise software, mobile, database, security, BI, SaaS/cloud, Health Care IT and Sustainable Technology.
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