Is the Bimodal IT Approach an Invitation to Failure?


There's bad news ahead for organizations that focused on a bimodal IT approach. According to research firm IDC by 2019 80% of those firms will have accrued crippling amounts of technical debt leading to increased complexity, cost, and a hit to their reputation.

So what is bimodal IT?

According to Gartner it is the practice of maintaining to separate IT systems: one focused on agility and the other on stability. The former focuses on speed and the latter on safety. Ultimately, it means that organizations are running their IT operations at two speeds. IDC in its semi-apocalyptic predictions is stating that there is something fundamentally awry with the concept of bimodal IT. Everyone from vendors to the government has jumped onto practice the bimodal approach, so IDC is actually predicting a train wreck.

It has been noted that bimodal IT can either be the next great innovation in software development or it will result in failure. It is clear what side has been picked by IDC so it is important that CIOs are informed on the topic to be able to make a decision on their own as well. However, we have previously written a post on the unsustainability of bimodal IT - reading it could help to further understand why IDC came to the conclusion it did as well.

To read the full post visit here.

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