Infographic: The Value of Software Analysis and Measurement

CAST The Value of Software Analysis and Measurement
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Software analysis and measurement is the intelligent use of application information to improve IT investment decisions, operational performance, and customer outcomes. While the notion of measuring application development (ADM) has long been a controversial one; as application development and maintenance matures and measurement capabilities evolve organizations are finding that the ability to effectively measure application development output can lead to many benefits:

  • Objective visibility into application development output
  • A rational basis for ADM improvements decisions
  • Accountability based on real data not subjective judgments
  • The identification of ADM best practices
  • Improved IT spending decisions
  • Comparison of ADM performance over time or against outside organizations
  • Prediction of future ADM behavior based on historical performance

This infographic illustrates the return on investment that software analysis and measurement provides: business risk prevention, increasing revenue, and reducing ADM spend. Leaders that can clearly articulate this value are more successful than their peers in obtaining strategic support and funding for software analysis and measurement to increase their business’ agility, reduce cost, and IT risks.

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Pete Pizzutillo
Pete Pizzutillo Vice President
Pete Pizzutillo is Vice President at CAST and has spent the last 15 years working in the software industry. He passionately believes Software Intelligence is the cornerstone to successful digital transformation, and he actively helps customers realize the benefits of CAST's software analytics to ensure their IT systems are secure, resilient and efficient to support the next wave of modern business.
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