Infographic: Five Steps to Digital Transformation Success


Software complexity can be crippling in IT. Functional-, data- and technical-complexity can all be barriers to digital transformation, especially for companies that are rapidly expanding or have evolved over generations of hardware and software advances. The difficulty of addressing this complexity helps explain why most sectors continue to struggle to digitally transform.

Saad Ayub’s 20x20n digital transformation framework offers a data-driven approach to understanding existing technical stacks, and it’s a great place to start. But to help set you on the right path from the beginning (even if you’ve already started), check-in and make sure you’ve addressed these five priorities for digital success:

  1. Dabble in digital technologies and test them out before you fully invest.
  2. Plan for digital today and for digital tomorrow.
  3. Hire for digital skills and be prepared to re-train your workforce over time.
  4. Create opportunities to transform into a digitally-native organization.
  5. Adopt digital-enabling processes and ways of working like Agile, SaFE and DevOps.
CAST_5 Steps to Digitally Transform_Dec 2018
Britney Schaeffer
Britney Schaeffer Director of Marketing Communications
As Director of Marketing Communications for CAST, Britney leads the company's efforts in evangelizing Software Intelligence and communicating the value it brings to multiple stakeholders. Previously, Britney worked in PR for a variety of leading technology companies, including SAP, IPsoft, Viant and others.
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